Current mine plan reinforced by new infill intercepts including 21.1 g/t gold over 4.0 metres and 20.7 g/t gold over 3.0 metres

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Pure Gold Mining Inc. (TSX-V:PGM, LSE:PUR) (“PureGold” or the “Company”), is pleased to report high-grade drill intercepts returned from surface and underground drilling completed during the fourth quarter of 2021. This recently expanded drilling program was successful in confirming the tenor and continuity of gold mineralization in near-term production stopes, as well as establishing the potential for resource expansion close to existing development. Infill and extension drilling continues from both surface and underground to refine and prioritize mine sequencing, optimize mine production, and support incremental resource expansion in areas of active development.

Definition drilling results highlights:

  • 21.1 g/t gold over 4.0 metres from drill hole PGP-03-3845-02; including

49.4 g/t gold over 1.0 metre;

  • 12.2 g/t gold over 6.5 metres from drill hole PGP-03-3845-12; including

20.7 g/t gold over 3.0 metres;

  • 9.7 g/t gold over 7.8 metres from drill hole PGP-02-3738-11; including

26.6 g/t gold over 1.0 metre;

  • 14.9 g/t gold over 4.0 metres from drill hole PGP-02-5143-08;
  • 63.5 g/t gold over 1.0 metre from drill hole PGP-02-3738-08;
  • 39.0 g/t gold over 1.5 metres from drill hole PGP-00168; including

54.3 g/t gold over 1.0 metre;

  • 13.4 g/t gold over 4.0 metres from drill hole PGP-02-5143-10.


A summary table of results is set out at the end of this News Release.


“Our recently expanded definition drilling program continues to provide a stream of precise geological information which supports optimized final stope designs and, ultimately, enhances our high-grade scheduling flexibility and allows us to drive operational excellence from the ground up,” stated Troy Fierro, President & CEO of PureGold. “These drill results also highlight the fantastic opportunities for increased head grades and resource expansion that we see in many of the mining areas currently under development for production in the next 6-12 months. As we continue to execute our plan to bring the PureGold Mine toward its full potential, definition drilling provides the critical information needed for precise planning while also highlighting opportunities for potential resource expansion and growth.”

Currently two surface core drill rigs and three underground core drill rigs are executing this definition drilling program targeting production areas in the near-term mine plan, in both the East and West Ramp areas. Results from this drilling will be reported on a timely basis as received.


Drill Results Summary

New assay results from select drill holes are outlined below:

Hole ID From (m) To (m) Length (m) Gold (g/t)
PG21-869 153.0 155.0 2.0 8.1
Including 153.0 154.0 1.0 11.5
PG21-869 184.0 185.7 1.7 11.5
PG21-871 210.5 212.0 1.5 12.9
Including 211.0 212.0 1.0 18.1
PG21-874 104.6 106.6 2.0 9.1
Including 104.6 105.6 1.0 15.4
PG21-876 181.9 183.9 2.0 11.3
Including 182.9 183.9 1.0 17.2
PG21-878 176.0 181.0 5.0 7.2
Including 177.0 178.0 1.0 17.0
PG21-884 71.5 72.5 1.0 23.6
PG21-897 102.0 103.0 1.0 10.5
PG21-900 69.2 70.0 0.8 15.2
PG21-901 152.3 153.3 1.0 19.9
PG21-908 81.0 82.0 1.0 17.9
PG21-911 69.0 71.0 2.0 8.9
Including 70.0 71.0 1.0 11.2
PG21-912 53.0 55.0 2.0 21.3
Including 53.0 54.0 1.0 37.7
PG21-913 52.0 55.0 3.0 14.0
Including 54.0 55.0 1.0 32.4
PG21-916 59.0 64.0 5.0 5.5
PG21-942 86.0 88.0 2.0 15.0
PG21-951 56.0 58.0 2.0 10.5
Including 57.0 58.0 1.0 12.9
PG21-963 103.0 106.8 3.8 9.3
PG21-973 97.4 99.0 1.6 16.3
PGB-03-3880-01 0.0 4.0 4.0 11.8
Including 0.0 1.0 1.0 31.9
PGB-03-3880-02 13.0 16.7 3.7 13.6
PGB-03-3880-04 10.0 13.0 3.0 5.9
PGP-00089 37.3 39.0 1.7 14.2
PGP-00103 139.1 140.1 1.0 14.1
PGP-00116 21.3 23.0 1.8 9.9
PGP-00166 60.8 64.0 3.3 7.3
Including 60.8 61.4 0.7 23.7
PGP-00168 51.5 53.0 1.5 39.0
Including 52.0 53.0 1.0 54.3
PGP-00171 45.0 51.1 6.1 6.6
Including 45.0 48.0 3.0 9.1
PGP-00172 29.0 32.0 3.0 6.9
Including 30.0 31.0 1.0 12.3
PGP-00172 74.0 75.0 1.0 10.9
PGP-00176 96.0 98.0 2.0 27.1
PGP-00182 83.0 84.0 1.0 10.8
PGP-02-3738-08 34.0 35.0 1.0 63.5
PGP-02-3738-09 36.1 39.5 3.4 9.4
Including 36.1 36.9 0.8 18.4
PGP-02-3738-11 26.0 27.8 1.8 28.9
PGP-02-3738-11 41.0 48.8 7.8 9.7
Including 42.8 43.8 1.0 26.5
PGP-02-3738-11 56.0 59.0 3.0 5.0
PGP-02-3738-15 48.0 50.0 2.0 14.1
PGP-02-3738-16 36.0 38.0 2.0 16.0
PGP-02-5143-02 25.1 27.8 2.7 17.4
PGP-02-5143-07 21.9 23.5 1.7 7.9
PGP-02-5143-07 36.0 37.0 1.0 10.3
PGP-02-5143-08 46.0 50.0 4.0 14.9
PGP-02-5143-10 31.0 35.0 4.0 13.4
PGP-02-5143-13 23.0 28.6 5.6 8.0
PGP-03-3845-02 5.0 9.0 4.0 21.1
Including 5.0 6.0 1.0 49.4
PGP-03-3845-09 40.7 45.0 4.4 10.6
Including 40.7 42.3 1.6 13.9
PGP-03-3845-12 33.5 40.0 6.5 12.2
Including 36.0 39.0 3.0 20.7
PGP-07-4110-01 12.0 14.0 2.0 9.8

 *Assay composites were calculated using uncut assays and true widths are interpreted to vary from 75-95% (90%, on average) of reported core lengths above.


QA/QC and Core Sampling Protocols

Drill core samples are submitted to SGS Minerals in Red Lake, Ontario and ALS Minerals in Thunder Bay, Ontario. NQ, BQ, and AQTK size core samples are whole core sampled after being detail logged and photographed. Samples are bagged, sealed, and shipped from the mine property to the analytical labs.

Samples processed at SGS are prepared by drying and crushing to 75% less than 2 mm, a riffle split of 250 g, and pulverization of the split to better than 85% passing 106 microns. Gold analysis is completed in the SGS Red Lake lab with a 30 g fire assay and AAS finish (code GE-FAA30V10). Samples returning >100 g/t Au are re-assayed with a gravimetric finish (code GO-FAG30V). Mineralized zones with visible gold are also analyzed by a 500 g screen fire assay with screening to 106 microns (code GO-FAS30M). Duplicate 30 g fire assays are conducted on the screen undersize and combined with an assay of the entire oversize fraction.

Samples processed at ALS include sample preparation by crushing to 70% less than 2 mm, a riffle split of 250 g, and pulverization of the split to better than 85% passing 75 microns. Sample pulps are shipped to the ALS assay laboratory in North Vancouver, BC for gold analysis with a 30 g fire assay and AAS finish (code Au-AA25). Samples returning >100 g/t Au are re-assayed with a gravimetric finish (code GRA21).

Control samples (certified standards and uncertified blanks), along with field, prep and pulp duplicates, are inserted on a regular basis. Results are assessed for accuracy, precision, and contamination on an ongoing basis.

Further details of drilling, analytical process, quality assurance and control, and sampling are available in the Feasibility Study technical report. 1

Qualified Persons and 43-101 Disclosure

Phil Smerchanski, P. Geo., Vice President, Exploration for the Company, is the designated Qualified Person for this news release within the meaning of National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”) and has reviewed and verified that the technical information contained herein is accurate and approves of the written disclosure of same.

About Pure Gold Mining Inc.

PureGold is a Canadian gold mining company, located in the very heart of Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. Our vision is pure and simple. To build a highly profitable, multi-generational growth company in the world-class gold mining district of Red Lake. With our 100%-owned, fully constructed operating PureGold Mine, a multi-million-ounce gold endowment, and significant exploration upside, our value-maximizing strategy is to pursue operational excellence today, while investing in systematic exploration and phased expansions to fuel discovery and growth for the future.

Additional information about the Company and its activities may be found on the Company’s website at and under the Company’s profile at

  1. For further information, see the technical report titled “Madsen Gold Project Technical Report Feasibility Study for the Madsen Deposit Red Lake, Ontario, Canada” with an effective date of February 5, 2019, and dated July 5, 2019 (the “Feasibility Study”), for further information please see puregoldmining.caor under the Company’s Sedar profile at




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