Project Agreement For The PureGold Mine

On July 29, 2019, PureGold Mining and the Wabauskang First Nation and Lac Seul First Nation announced the signing and implementation of a Project Agreement with respect to the PureGold Mine. The Agreement establishes a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership between PureGold and the two First Nations. A full text version of the July 29, 2019 News Release for the Project Agreement may be seen here.

Under the terms of the Agreement, PureGold acknowledges and respects the rights, history, and interests that both the Wabauskang First Nation and the Lac Seul First Nation have in the region surrounding The PureGold Mine. In turn, both First Nations acknowledge and support PureGold’s rights and interests in the development and future operation of the PureGold Mine. The Agreement provides for communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the First Nations and PureGold, establishes a framework for support for current and future operations of the PureGold Mine, and defines the long-term benefits for the First Nations.

Highlights of the Project Agreement include:

A traditional signing ceremony and celebration followed in August 2019.


About Wabauskang First Nation

Wabauskang First Nation is an Anishinaabe community. A signatory to Treaty 3, Wabauskang is the most northern community in the Treaty 3 territory. Wabauskang’s community and reserve lands are located approximately 100 kilometres south of Red Lake, Ontario. Wabauskang is committed to the protection of Mother Earth, sharing the benefits of the land, and creating opportunities for future generations.


About Lac Seul First Nation

Lac Seul is located approximately 38 kilometres northwest of Sioux Lookout. The Lac Seul First Nation has a large population and land base, which is bounded to the north and the east by the northeastern boundary of Treaty 3 territory. The First Nation is made up of four communities: Kejick Bay, Canoe River, Whitefish Bay, and Frenchman’s Head. The Lac Seul First Nation is the oldest First Nation in the Sioux Lookout District of INAC. The reserve was established pursuant to Treaty 3, through adhesion in 1874. Lac Seul First Nation believes the opportunities created by this project will be realized in a sustainable manner that benefits all communities.