Message to Our Community

Message to Our Community

At PureGold, we are committed to continue working with the community and our partners to create economic, social, and environmental benefits, and to continually seek out ways to improve. The protection of wildlife, lands, and waters in the local area will remain a primary focus in all that we do.

The operation of the PureGold mine will have a significant direct impact on the local economy of the Red Lake region. The economic benefits of our new mine will extend far beyond the borders of Red Lake.

In the development and operation of our mine, our goal is to provide an opportunity for employees to gain important, transferable skills through their work – skills that will benefit the entire region for the longer term.

In July 2019, PureGold joined the First Nation communities of Wabauskang and Lac Seul in signing of a Project Agreement for the PureGold mine. This agreement provides a framework for communication, cooperation, collaboration, support, and long-term benefits between the First Nations and PureGold. We look forward to continuing to work our Wabauskang First Nation and Lac Seul First Nation partners.

At PureGold, we maintain consultation and engagement with the local communities through Community Consultation Forums, and by hosting open houses for updates on the progress on the mine site, dialogue with residents, and information on potential employment opportunities.

Importantly, in reopening this historical gold mine, we have developed a disciplined and carefully designed operations and closure plan. This new, modern mine will be an enabling mechanism to progressively move the site towards final closure on completion of mining. We are proud of the significant reclamation work we have completed to date, and are committed to returning the site to a state consistent with the existing natural environment.

The PureGold  Mine is being developed to meet or exceed modern environmental and engineering standards. Our operations plan sees the introduction of detoxification, water treatment, material harvesting, and progressive closure and reclamation. At the end of mine life, all surface disturbances will be reclaimed, including impacts from past mining operations left behind by predecessor companies.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationships with local communities as part of our responsibility to be a good neighbour, working to benefit the local economy, and supporting community development.

Thank you, on behalf of our Board of Directors and the entire PureGold team.


Project Agreement for the PureGold Mine